Brian Barbutti

Hello! I'm Brian Barbutti. I currently live in São Paulo, Brazil.

I'm a lead developer at Entermotion Design Studio from Wichita, US. I've been working remotely with them for about 10 years, together with other people from South America, Europe and the US. 

Soon after I joined Entermotion, we started a side company called Paste Interactive with the aim of having a free hand at making our own stuff – web apps, mostly. We've released a handful of products since our inception, but the main one that's still alive and kicking is Jumpchart.

Currently we're also working on a major product called, which is our take on running a healthcare practice in a seamless and straightforward way. It combines concepts from EMRs and CRMs, sprinkled with a lot of social media tools to help doctors take care of their patients. I've built and architected its v1 from line 1; after we got funding, I moved over to a product ownership role, overseeing customer service and project development with the development team.


Before all this (and years ago) I got a programming certificate from the University of Campinas, graduated from marketing school, was half of the communication team for a local games development company, interned at IC and ran a blog called egoCheese.

When I'm not at work, you can find me hanging out wife and son in São Paulo – or around the world, if the budget so permits! Constantly taking photos and reading.

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